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We are back in Church and would like you to join us!  We are excited to gather together this week.  For those that would like to take extra precaution when returning to public gatherings, we have set aside a special area of the church for you.  You will have a private entrance, space for adequate social distancing and a live feed of the service.  We understand the extra measures some need to take in this time of uncertainty, so we want to make every effort to accommodate those individuals so they can still come together for worship.  Please email the church office if you would like to use this accommodation so we know how many to prepare for.

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All I want for Christmas is…

Each year at this time we get to refocus our eyes on the origin of our faith. The incredible plan that God put in place from before the creation of man. A plan that brought the hope of redemption, the hope of forgiveness, the hope of everlasting life and an eternity with our creator. A magnificent plan, a glorious plan that was carried out in the most humble, most unspectacular, inconsequential, seemingly irrelevant way it possibly could be. Everything about God’s gift to us should have been swept under the thick rug of the history of the Jewish people. But it wasn’t. God chose the irrelevant to give us the greatest revelation. He chose the unspectacular to put His elaborate plan for all mankind into action! He chose a humble beginning in a stable with a young virgin and a carpenter to bring the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords to His Earth!

Full 40 Days Series Link

Faith in a Covid World...

This is our reality. We pray that this is not a permanent state but it is reality. God knows this. He does not want His people to just get by during this time. He does not want His people to simply survive He wants us to thrive! Furthermore, He wants us to reach out like never before to a world that is more confused, more afraid, more anxious, more depressed than ever. How on earth can we do that?

For the next 4 weeks we are going to take the symbols, the rules, the regulations and even the “hope” that the world is forcing upon us during this crisis and turn 4 of them into specific items that you and I can use every day to strengthen our faith. We also want to use these 4 things as a way that we can help introduce and even lead others closer to Jesus.

We are excited about this! I love it when God takes the things of this world that have come to mean or stand for one thing...and He flips it upside down and allows us to use that very same things for His glory!

If this world has left you searching, or empty, in fear or crisis please know that Jesus is here for you.



Hope and encouragement through Paul's letter to the Philippians...

How about a quick devotion for all of us to share each day? I pray that each of us can find encouragement as we go backwards through the book of Philippians together!  Just click the link below to catch up on week 1.

Prayer in uncertain times...

Earlier this year we were able to have a conversation with Dave Butts from Harvest Prayer Ministies.  He shared with us some incite as to what to pray for and how to pray during times of crisis like these.   

Please take a moment and click the link below for Dave's encouraging words.


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