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Join us AT Church this week

 @ 10:00 a.m.

In the Sanctuary*

*Special accomodations available

(Please see the information below)

We are back in Church and would like you to join us!  We are excited to gather together this week.  For those that would like to take extra precaution when returning to public gatherings, we have set aside a special area of the church for you.  You will have a private entrance, space for adequate social distancing and a live feed of the service.  We understand the extra measures some need to take in this time of uncertainty, so we want to make every effort to accommodate those individuals so they can still come together for worship.  Please email the church office if you would like to use this accommodation so we know how many to prepare for.


*We will be live streaming the service.  Please note each week we are working to improve the quality of the stream.


The link on the left is to our YouTube channel...                      The link on the right is to the live Video with live chat...

Please find our previous online Children's weekly lessons under the Children's and Family Tab and get excited to learn at home, alongside your family!  




Are we there yet?

“Are we there yet?” Is there any question at all that we are on a journey in this life? Nearly everyone views life in this way. If you are a planner then you have mapped out a preferred future that you are in pursuit of. If you are procrastinator then you are waiting till the last possible moment to figure out what you might do next but you will likely, probably do something, right? If you are a believer in and lover of Jesus then you know that your ultimate destination lies with Him in Heaven. If you do not yet know the love of Jesus personally then you are likely living life wondering where this is all headed.

Really let’s be honest we are all just kids in the back seat jumping up and down yelling “are we there yet?” When we were kids, why did we ask that question? Why do our kids ask that question? Was our motivation personal...maybe we really needed to get out to use the restroom? Maybe we wanted to get out of the car away from our siblings! Maybe we could not wait to escape the torturous music that our parents were forcing us to listen to! Maybe we were really excited to get to the destination. The world is taking us for a ride, if we choose to rest in the hands of Jesus then we already know our final destination. Life is a journey, do not be afraid, His Kingdom will Come.



Hope and encouragement through Paul's letter to the Philippians...

How about a quick devotion for all of us to share each day? I pray that each of us can find encouragement as we go backwards through the book of Philippians together!  Just click the link below to catch up on week 1.

Prayer in uncertain times...

On March 19th we were able to have a conversation with Dave Butts from Harvest Prayer Ministies.  He shared with us some incite as to what to pray for and how to pray during times of crisis like these.   

Please take a moment and click the link below for Dave's encouraging words.


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July 4th weekend 2020

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