Worship Ministry Position

Full-Time Worship Pastor Job Description

We are praying that God sends us…page1image33426816 page1image33427392

  • An individual with a love for Jesus and for others that is evident
  • An individual who is passionate about Spirit-filled, Christ-centered worship
  • An individual who is compelled by the love of Jesus to follow His lead in their personal, relational and professional life.
  • An individual who is optimistic, creative and willing to change and grow as God leads

An individual who is sensitive to the spiritual needs of the congregation and the community

About the Position

Berea Christian Church is praying for God to provide an individual who is passionate about their relationship with God, their relationship with their family, their relationship with those that God leads to our ministry, as well as passionate about leading worship. We believe that ministry is about relationships. It is the model of Christ. He built relationships by serving those that He encountered. This position is much more than being upfront on a Sunday. As relationships are built, the ways in which worship can be used to help the church connect with Jesus, grow spiritually and grow in community will begin to emerge.

We have an incredible team of faithful volunteers ready to serve under the new leadership. They ask that their new leader be someone who truly cares about them, their spiritual growth and the unity of the ministry.

Our congregation is a diverse blend of generations. Our worship minister must be able to relate to the older generation, while at the same time leading worship for vacation bible school or even at junior high camp. The life, energy, and connections that worship brings to the generations is a gift of God to His church.

Experience and Qualifications

  • Worship ministry degree or extensive experience as a worship leader within a church setting.page1image33428160
  • This role is upfront and highly visible to the entire Berea congregation. Therefore, the Worship Pastor must have strong communication gifts and represent the church as a pastor. The Worship Pastor will spend time during the week hearing the Lord and preparing for how to lead the congregation spiritually on weekends.
  • The Worship Pastor is the team shepherd “off the stage.” They will need to develop and raise up a community of leaders and teammates who understand the heart of worship. This also includes providing opportunities for musical skill set development.
  • The Worship Pastor needs to know how to administrate and organize worship teams and music. This includes managing scheduling and weekly arrangements.
  • The Worship Pastor needs to be proficient in music technology. In this highly technological age, worship music has become married to technology and understanding current technological trends and the use of software. In our current set up we use click tracks as well as in-ear monitors.
  • The Worship Pastor will need to be vocally gifted to sing. There is also a desire from our team for the leader to be able to lead with an instrument as well.
  • The Worship Pastor will need to help recruit and train new members of the worship team.

Berea’s Worship Minister should be someone committed to/with

      1.  Personal Growth

    • This is an area of great importance to the leadership and staff at BCC. Our worship minister must be willing to work with leadership and staff to intentionally be engaged in the entire body of Christ.
    • Applicant must be dedicated to working out their faith as they share with others (Phil. 2:12-13)
    • The Worship Pastor must have a desire to continue education and ministry development

     2.  Organizational Skills

    • An effective communicator with the other staff, the church leadership, ministry volunteers and outside organizations.
    • A planner
      • We look forward to collaborating in all areas of ministry. We must all be                           praying, dreaming, and planning ahead in order to do that effectively.
      • The team of volunteers needs their leader to be organized and structured so that they can be prepared and time can be used effectively.
    • Evaluate and work within the current budget

      3. Technology

    • Proficient with Planning Center Church Management Software
      • Used for all worship ministry scheduling, service layouts, and communicating with volunteers.
    • The worship pastor is responsible for website design and upkeep as well as a majority of the church’s Social Media presence.
    • Passion for video creation and editing
      • This is not required but would be a HUGE bonus



  • Sunday Morning Service Planning
  • Graphics/Media Creation and Design for Sunday Services
  • Operation, Maintenance and Purchase of Worship/Media Equipment
  • Stage/Set Design
  • Website design and upkeep
  • Maintaining the church’s social media presence
  • VBS Worship
    • Vacation Bible School is an important part of the life of our church. There is a tremendous potential to grow this outreach event and develop relationships with those that we connect with. The worship minister must have a passion for this type of outreach and worship with children. They will work closely with the children’s minister to plan appropriate worship for the children.
  • Recruiting and Training
    • The worship minister needs to be an effective recruiter of leaders and volunteers with an emphasis on relationships and training within this process. Just as important is a means to engage, encourage and support those volunteers. Provide leadership, training, goals and objectives, feedback, and build trust within the ministry.

Personal Characteristics

  • This person will demonstrate a maturing faith in Jesus Christ. Through his/her personal interactions, decisions, leadership, influence, and communications, he/she will consistently model a godly life of leadership (i.e., elder qualities in 1 Timothy, Titus 1) that reflects the presence and control of the Holy Spirit.
  • We need a proven team player who is eager to align, contribute to, and collaborate with fellow pastoral staff.
  • The candidate’s spiritual gifts will likely include some combination of leadership, exhortation, and administration.
  • Is teachable, with a vibrant and growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Is well-spoken of by those who know him/her and have worked alongside them.
  • They will display appropriate and respectful behavior towards those of the opposite sex.
  • Shows mutual respect for the gifting, differences, and experiences of co-workers.
  • Deals with conflict and values and protects relationships.
  • Is funpage4image33086784

Who We Are


Berea Christian Church…loving people one step closer to Jesus


A growing body of believers who are passionate about becoming like Jesus. We pray that the love of Christ compels us to love and serve each other, the community we are in and the world around us. We currently have 2 identical services for worship on Sunday mornings.


A team who loves Jesus and cares for the people of Berea as well as those in our community. They are passionate about worship, God’s Word and sharing the truth contained within. Our goal is to follow Christ and help His church be a light within this community and the world.

As a staff, we are striving to create an atmosphere that we love being in. Ministry is about relationships. If we as a staff have healthy relationships then the church will notice. We want that same culture to permeate into the church. We are working to create a culture of great communication, a desire to collaborate, innovate and dream together. An open and honest culture based on the love of grace of our leader Jesus is very important to us.


A group of Christ-followers working together to grow as leaders, seeking a closer relationship with Christ daily through prayer and the study of His Word.

How to Apply

Those being drawn by the Spirit to this position please include:

  • Personal Statement of Faith
  • Highlight your experiences leading worship as well as recruiting and training worship team members
  • Links to or attachments of video leading worship
  • Links to or attachments of various media that you have created
  • Areas of involvement in ministry outside of worship ministry
  • Resume
  • A minimum of 5 references

    Please send all materials to: Office@bccbrazil.org

Our prayer is that our new worship minister will begin as soon as possible. We are excited to have our team intact to begin the new year together.