Worship For Your Family!

This week we are meeting outside!  Which means we needed a way to share the lyrics for the songs today.  

Click the link below for all of the songs we are singing today.  

Each we gather to worship together.  However, we are called to live lives of worship.   As we gather we realize that worship is more than a song.  Yes, we are often drawn ito God's presence through just the right song.  But we also worship through the study of God's Word.  We worship through prayer.  We worship through our remeberance of the sacrifice Jesus made as we partake of the Lord's Supper each week.  We worship through the giving of our tithes and offerings back to the one who gives us everything.  We worship as we serve one another whether as a greeter, a teacher a member of the band or as a friendly face who welcomes in a first time guest.  We worship as we leave the gathering and share the love and grace of Jesus with those that do not yet know Him.

God has given us a heart that can only be filled when we worship Him. 

Worship Ministry Job Opening

Currently, we are searching for our next worship leader.  Berea Christian Church is praying for God to provide an individual who is passionate about their relationship with God, their relationship with their family, their relationship with those that God leads to our ministry, as well as passionate about leading worship.  We believe that ministry is about relationships.  It is the model of Christ.  He built relationships by serving those that He encountered.  This position is much more than being up front on a Sunday.   As relationships are built, the ways in which worship can be used to help the church connect with Jesus, grow spiritually and grow in community will begin to emerge.

We have an incredible team of faithful volunteers ready to serve under the new leadership.   They ask that their new leader be someone who truly cares about them, their spiritual growth and the unity of the ministry.

Our congregation is a diverse blend of generations.   Our worship minister must be able to relate to the older generation, while at the same time leading worship for vacation bible school or even at junior high camp.  The life, energy and connections that worship brings to the generations is a gift of God to His church.

***If God is leading you to find out more about this possition, please click the link below to see the full job description and details on how to apply.