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Current Openings:

Full-Time Children's and Family Minister

We are praying that God sends us…

  • An individual with a love for Jesus and for others that is evident
  • An individual who is passionate about loving children and families one step closer to Jesus
  • An individual who is compelled by the love of Jesus to follow His lead in their personal, relational and professional life.
  • An individual who is optimistic, creative and willing to change and grow as God leads

About the position:

God has led us to fully invest in our children and families at Berea. This will be the first position of its kind in our church’s history. We are excited to bring in a new staff member that will pour the love of Jesus into the lives of those here at Berea and reach outside of Berea into the community.

In the past, this position was part-time and more of an administrative position. The new, expanded role will allow the ministry to be more connected to the overall vision and mission of the church. It will also allow the staff to be more cohesive in all aspects of our ministry.

This position comes with an exciting new opportunity as well. Beginning in March of 2019 we have “adopted” a local elementary school. This is a low-income school with little to no parent involvement and many needs. We have worked with the school corporation and administration to create opportunities for volunteers from the church to work with students during the school day. We pray that God provides many other opportunities with that relationship ahead. Part of this position will be to foster the relationship with the school, coordinate the volunteers working with the school and be an excellent communicator between the school and the church.

How To Apply

Those being drawn by the Spirit to this position please include:

Personal Statement of Faith

Highlight your experiences recruiting and training volunteers

Areas of involvement in ministry outside of children’s ministry


A minimum of 5 references

Please send all materials to:

Experience and Qualifications:

  • Children’s ministry degree or extensive experience as a lead volunteer within a children’s ministry setting.
  • Must have a desire to continue education and ministry development
  1. Personal Growth

This is an area of great importance to the leadership and staff at BCC. Be willing to work with leadership and staff to intentionally be engaged in the entire body of Christ. Applicant must be dedicated to working out your faith as you share with others (Phil. 2:12-13)

  1. Organizational Skills
  • Must be an effective communicator with the other staff, the church leadership, parents and outside organizations.
  • Must be a planner – we look forward to collaborating in all areas of ministry. We must all be praying, dreaming, planning ahead in order to do that effectively.
  • Develop or choose curriculum for the children’s ministry. Oversee effective implementation in all age groups
  • Evaluate and work within current budget
  1. Technology
  • Proficient with Planning Center Church Management Software (Used for morning children’s check-in, scheduling and communicating with volunteers.)
  • Website and Social Media Skills
  • Passion for video creation and editing. (This is not required but would be a HUGE bonus)


  1. Sunday Morning
  • Create and lead a worship and learning environment for elementary age
  • Create and staff a safe, loving, healthy exploratory learning environment for toddlers and preschoolers
  • Create and staff a safe, loving, caring environment for infants
  • Perfect and maintain a secure registration and check-in process for our families
  1. VBS

Vacation Bible School is an important part of the life of our church. There is a tremendous potential to grow this outreach event and develop relationships with those that we connect with. The children’s minister must have a passion for this type of outreach and be able to come in with fresh eyes to evaluate this ministry and increase its effectiveness.

  1. Church Camp, Retreats and Conferences

BCC is actively involved with Camp Illiana in Washington, IN. The children’s minister is responsible for student and volunteer registration for camps and retreats. There may be opportunities to lead in those settings as well.

We have a strong desire to engage our students in other serving, learning and worship opportunities. Conferences, such as SuperStart, local service involvement, family mission opportunities and others that our children’s minister feels would be beneficial to their spiritual development.

  1. Recruiting and Training

The children’s minister needs to be an effective recruiter of leaders and volunteers with an emphasis on relationships and training within this process. Just as important is a means to engage, encourage and support those volunteers.

  1. Ministry Expansion

Evaluate all aspects of the current children’s ministry and develop a plan to increase its effectiveness.

We believe that the family is an important part of an effective children’s ministry. The leader must be developing creative ways to incorporate multigenerational experiences. Creating unique ways to involve parents and empower older youth. The worship minister and lead pastor are ready and willing to collaborate in all such efforts.

  1. Forest Park Elementary School
  • Develop a great relationship with the administration, teachers and students of the school
  • Work to earn the trust of the school in hopes to open the door for future opportunities
  • Be an incredibly effective communicator with the staff and our volunteers to make sure needs are met

Who we are:

Berea Christian Church: …loving people one step closer to Jesus

Church: A growing body of believers who are passionate about becoming like Jesus. We pray that the love of Christ compels us to love and serve each other, the community we are in and the world around us.

Staff: A team who loves and cares for the people of Berea as well as those in our community. They are passionate about worship, God’s Word and sharing the truth contained within.

As a staff we are striving to create an atmosphere that we love being in. Ministry is about relationships. If we as a staff have healthy relationships then the church will notice. We want that same culture to permeate into the church. We are working to create a culture of great communication, a desire to collaborate, innovate and dream together. An open and honest culture based on the love of grace of our leader Jesus is very important to us.

Leadership: A group of Christ followers working together to grow as leaders, seeking a closer relationship with Christ daily through prayer and the study of His Word.